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NepalB2B ( is an online B2B marketplace where thousands of Nepalese manufacturers, suppliers, service providers, exporters and other SMEs are categorized in numerous relevant categories. The online B2B portal also showcases many products and services produced/provided by these manufacturers, suppliers, service providers, exporters and MSMEs. Besides, NepalB2B also provides online marketing and promotion solutions to the Nepalese industries enlisted with

Nepalese products are popular worldwide, and thus have high export potential. Lots of business organizations, industries and individuals from all over the world import products from Nepal as they are considered to be of excellent quality. NepalB2B aims to provide a very easy platform for Nepalese companies to reach those foreign importers. NepalB2B connects Nepalese businesses to the world and thus, promotes export from Nepal.

Nepalese industries manufacture their products or provide services using primary goods imported from abroad. There are many industries in Nepal that produces those primary goods domestically. NepalB2B aims to connect those industries of Nepal i.e. the one that produces primary goods to the one that needs those primary goods to produce their products or services. NepalB2B interconnects Nepalese industries and thus, advocates for import substitution in Nepal.

Overall, NepalB2B attempts to provide an excellent online platform that endorses Nepalese manufacturers, suppliers, service providers, exporters and other SMEs within Nepal and all over the world helping them to reach to large pool of potential customers, maximizing their productivity and increasing their profit. NepalB2B aims to contribute to economic growth of Nepal by helping Nepalese industrial sector grow in a better way.

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