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Harati Craft Collection

Harati Craft collection & Export Pvt. Ltd is registered Manufacturer and Exporter of handicraft in Nepal. The great majority of our product is HAND MADE .Numbers of craftsmen families are helping on our crafting and collecting since 1997 . We...

kuleshowor, Lalitpur, Nepal Telephone Icon+977-1-4303071    Mobile Icon +977-9841517376 Send Enquiry

Neplease Handicraft

Neplease Handicraft with the motive to promote and preserve traditional and religious artifacts, We are focusing on building long-term business relationship with commitment to quality. Quality is the prime importance to US and we are constantly...

Satdobato, Lalitpur, Nepal Telephone Icon+977-1-5540259    Mobile Icon +977-9841252943 Send Enquiry

Gyanu Stone Handicraft

Gyanu Stone Handicrafts is involved has been operating for more than a decade in handicrafts manufacturing sector, providing its customers with various types of stone and marble handicrafts.

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BK Handicraft

BK Handicraft is engaged in handicraft business for more than a decade producing various design and style of traditional and modern statue and bells usually of metal.

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Lalitpur Handicraft

Since from the start, the company is involved in manufacturing and export of handmade traditional statue crafts.

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Kishor Handicraft

We are manufacture, whole-seller, and exporter of Nepali and Tibetan Handicraft Goods.

Patan, Lalitpur, Nepal Telephone Icon+977-1-5525098, '+977-1-5540342    Mobile Icon 977-9851046316 Send Enquiry

Guru Handicraft Industry

We make metal statues of different Gods and Goddesses.

Satdobato, Lalitpur, Nepal Telephone Icon+977-1-5541169    Mobile Icon +977-9849496183 Send Enquiry

Wean Multipurpose Co-operative

WEAN Multipurpose Cooperative is a Fair Trade Organisation. It has been marketing handicrafts and food products locally as well as exporting to countries like Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Netherlands, UK, and the United-States. We are...

Patan, Lalitpur, Nepal Telephone Icon+977-1-5544981, + 977-1-5527829    Send Enquiry

Mahabauddha Art Gallery

Mahabuddha Art Gallery is the collection of the contemporary and antique statue craft and the collection of high quality Nepali and Tibetan metal Buddhist sculptures.

Patan, Lalitpur, Nepal Telephone Icon+977-1-5521371    Mobile Icon +977-9841210221 Send Enquiry

Urgen Thanka Udhyog

Urgen Thanka Udhyog are the thanka exporters of Nepal which offers unique and customer catered thanka paintings.

Kusunti, Lalitpur, Nepal Telephone Icon+977-1-5547560    Mobile Icon +977-9851048795 Send Enquiry

Kathford Internation College

Handicraft Manufacturers of Nepal have tremendous reputation all over the world for their excellent Nepalese handicrafts. Handmade gift suppliers of Nepal export handmade gifts and crafts worth million of rupees every year. There are hundreds of bone handicrafts exporters, shell handicrafts manufacturers, marble handicrafts exporters, stone carving exporters, masks exporters, puppet manufacturers, toys exporters, metal statue manufacturers, metallic handicrafts exporters, thanka exporters, paintings exporters, lokta handicrafts manufacturers, silver handicrafts manufacturers, wooden handicrafts exporters, wood carving manufacturers, silver jewelry exporters and handmade gift exporters in Nepal. They manufacture, supply and export thousands of Nepalese handicrafts, Nepalese handmade gifts, Nepalese paper crafts, Buddha statues, antique handicrafts, arts and paintings on Nepal and many handmade products made in Nepal.

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