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  • Pendants

    This oval shaped droplet brings out an exclusive framework with gracefully arranged baguettes, singl
  • Necklace

    his set portrays what craftsmanship is all about. A 3 lined neckpiece, with each line representing 3
  • Bracelets

    This unique wrist band has single diamonds in several round shapes to give off a trendy appeal.
  • Danglers

    Pearl droppings that has beautiful web like flow of single diamonds attached with the pearls and the
  • Rings

    A beautiful round ruby ring enveloped by baguettes and single diamonds.
  • Anklet

    Anklets are an important piece of jewellery in Indian marriages worn along with saris.
  • Nose Ring

    Simple and beautiful nose rings for ladies.
  • Accessories

    different other accessories for ladies are also available.

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