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  • Polyurethane - Home Supplies and Services - NepalB2B


    Polyurethane foam is our lowest quality of foam, and will often not return to its original form.
  • High Density - Home Supplies and Services - NepalB2B

    High Density

    Solid in nature.
  • Evlon - Home Supplies and Services - NepalB2B


    Very buoyant
  • High Resilience Foam

    Makes for an excellent mattress, very buoyant and resilient.
  • Latex Rubber Foam

    Non-allergenic, first type of foam on market, longest lasting.
  • Supreem

    It is charcoal grey/black in color.
  • Rebond

    Has very high resiliency and stands up to high impact / usage
  • Dry Fast Foam

    Very good for outdoor uses, very resilient and buoyant, open cell structure.

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