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  • Silver Handicrafts - Art and Handicrafts - NepalB2B

    Silver Handicrafts

    Different kinds of silver jewelry and handicrafts are made by Ci Bi Art Treasure with different kind
  • Sculpture - Art and Handicrafts - NepalB2B


    Ci. Bi. Art Treasure make beautiful scultures of gilded copper, bronze and silver sheets which are p
  • Statue - Art and Handicrafts - NepalB2B


    The artisans of Ci. Bi. Art Treasure carve excellent statues of copper which are enhanced with gold
  • Mantra Mala - Art and Handicrafts - NepalB2B

    Mantra Mala

    Ci. Bi. Art Treasure make mantra malas of sandal wood, bodhi seeds and semi-precious stone beans lik
  • Singing Bowl - Art and Handicrafts - NepalB2B

    Singing Bowl

    Ci. Bi. Art Treasure is renowned for its collection of finest singing bowls which are personally tes

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