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  • Wire and Cables - Energy and Power - NepalB2B

    Wire and Cables

    We sell wire such as Trishakti , Pioneer, Prakash these are the well known brands which we sell .
  • Chandeliers - Energy and Power - NepalB2B


    We import chandler through China and other countries.It is a decorative ceiling-mounted light fixtur
  • Wall lights - Energy and Power - NepalB2B

    Wall lights

    We sell different ranges of wall lights which can be used from CFL and Lead Bulbs.
  • Cealing Lights - Energy and Power - NepalB2B

    Cealing Lights

    Ceiling lights can not only light up your whole room – they’re a great way to show off your styl
  • Lead Bulbs - Energy and Power - NepalB2B

    Lead Bulbs

    Lead Bulbs of the 12 v, 9 v, 7 v, 5 v, 3 v are found here in both AC and DC.
  • Switch - Energy and Power - NepalB2B


    We sell Switch of different brands such as ZENcelo , CPl, Premier, Craptee, Philips etc .
  • Tube lights - Energy and Power - NepalB2B

    Tube lights

    Variety of tube lights from branded company like Philips to normal company Tube lights are found her
  • CFl Bulbs - Energy and Power - NepalB2B

    CFl Bulbs

    CFl Bulbs of AC and DC both are found over here.

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