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  • Black Tea

    Highly Caffeinated, more oxidized than oolong, green and white teas. Stronger in flavor and good wit
  • Green Tea

    A popular category of teas in the world, noted for fresh flavor and green character. Partially oxidi
  • Oolong Tea

    Developed in 18th Century by Qing Dynasty Emperor, China also known as black dragon tea, spelled ‘
  • White Tea

    Least processed, minimally oxidized and carefully made with a gentle process of withering, curing, a
  • Special & Rare Tulip

    Special & Rare TulifTea are the unique and exotic production. We compete our Special & Rare TulifTea
  • Green beans

    "Crop - 2014 March Variety- Arabica (Bourbon) Grown Region / Altitude - Himalayan region above 120
  • Roasted Beans

    The HimalayanArabica is the oldest brand of Greenland Organic Farm. It’s a blend of coffeegrown at
  • Exclusive & Rare Coffee

    "Peaberry Coffee Extravagant & Exotic Profile First time in Nepal Normally coffee cherry contains t

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