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  • Silver Jewelry - Art and Handicrafts - NepalB2B

    Silver Jewelry

    We are manufacturing and wholesaling *92.5 sterling silver jewelry with semi-precious stones and we
  • Pashmina Products - Art and Handicrafts - NepalB2B

    Pashmina Products

    Our main products are Jaquard Pashmina Scraff, Check Scarff,Plain and Embroidery Shawl,Sweater and S
  • Sweat Leather - Art and Handicrafts - NepalB2B

    Sweat Leather

    We are also the distributor of Sweat Leather products such as Purse , Hand Bag, Globs etc.
  • Bone and Stone Craft - Art and Handicrafts - NepalB2B

    Bone and Stone Craft

    We also distribute bones and stone craft such as bone button, locket, show piece etc.
  • Singing Bowl and Mallet - Art and Handicrafts - NepalB2B

    Singing Bowl and Mallet

    We also export Singing Bowls used for mediation .It is made from Copper,Brass, Silver etc.
  • 100% Wool Products - Art and Handicrafts - NepalB2B

    100% Wool Products

    We also export woolen Sweaters, Gloves , Caps, Muffler etc as per the order.
  • Green Tea and Black Tea - Art and Handicrafts - NepalB2B

    Green Tea and Black Tea

    We also export Green Tea and Black Tea made in Illam District of Nepal.
  • White Metal Products - Art and Handicrafts - NepalB2B

    White Metal Products

    We also export Jewelry made of White Metal such as Locket, Bengals,Rings etc.

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