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  • Different MALA

    These are the over all view of all the special kinds of MALA that are available.
  • Various Tea Products

    You can find Nepali teas of various taste and quality. We export in demand of these products.
  • Key rings and Lockets

    We also provide you with various designs of key rings and lockets ranging different prices.
  • Tea Products

    Various masala tea, milk tea, organic tea, Ilam black tea etc are available.
  • Tea and Coffee

    Products like Yarsa Gumba, Ginger Tea, Ilam Tea, Green Tea , Nepali Everest Coffee are also availabl
  • MALA

    These are the different kinds of MALA that can be used for wearing. It is traditional yet fashionabl
  • Soap and Cream

    These are the soap and cream products that can enhance your beauty. These are all made by our compan
  • Coffee

    These are all the coffee products that are available in different taste and different packages. This

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