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  • Solar Pannels - Energy and Power - NepalB2B

    Solar Pannels

    We have imported solar panel from both India and China in the size of 5 W to 250 W and has been expo
  • Solar Water Heater - Energy and Power - NepalB2B

    Solar Water Heater

    We have been importing Solar Water Heater from the size of 150 Lt to 5000 Lt per day having the capa
  • Parqueting - Energy and Power - NepalB2B


    We have been importing Parqueting in different size and design especially in the thickness of 8 mm a
  • Lead Bulbs - Energy and Power - NepalB2B

    Lead Bulbs

    We have been importing energy consuming Lead bulb with the capacity to consume energy 80% more than

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