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  • Turbine - Energy and Power - NepalB2B


    Turbine is a rotary mechanical device that extracts energy from a fluid flow and converts it into us
  • Steel Structures - Energy and Power - NepalB2B

    Steel Structures

    Different design and size of stell structures such as beam is available
  • Incinerators - Energy and Power - NepalB2B


    Power Tech Nepal is the manufacturer of small, multipurpose batch load incinerators
  • Conveyor Belt - Energy and Power - NepalB2B

    Conveyor Belt

    Manufacturers and supplies system of steel-cable and textile-ply conveyor belts
  • Hot water generator - Energy and Power - NepalB2B

    Hot water generator

    Offers a complete line of low and high temperature packaged hot water generators
  • Material Lifts - Energy and Power - NepalB2B

    Material Lifts

    Used by various hospital and hotel for lifting heavy objects.

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