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  • Carpet - Furniture - NepalB2B


    All types of printed carpets (Superior, sultan topted, topted superior, actionback)
  • Curtains - Furniture - NepalB2B


    Exclusive and Normal curtains are available
  • Fiber Products - Furniture - NepalB2B

    Fiber Products

    Fiber quilt, piloow, blaster, cussion
  • Bed Sheet - Furniture - NepalB2B

    Bed Sheet

    varieties of bed sheets are available with us
  • Mattress - Furniture - NepalB2B


    Easy life, spring mattress thickness: 12 inches, 8 inches and 6 inches coir maitress standard size t
  • Net curtains - Furniture - NepalB2B

    Net curtains

    All kinds of net curtain
  • Door mates - Furniture - NepalB2B

    Door mates

    Door Mates are available in various sizes and colours
  • Furniture - Furniture - NepalB2B


    All types of furniture are available with us with various shapes and sizes

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