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  • Acacia Rugata

    "Botanical Name: Acacia rugata Common Name: Shikakai, Rasula, Lasur English Name: Parts Used: Fru
  • Aconitum spicatum

    "Botanical Name: Aconitum spicatum Common Name: Bikh English Name: Aconite Parts Used: Rhizome H
  • Acorus calamus

    "Botanical Name: Acorus calamus Common Name: Ghodbach, Bojho, Chadila, Syuda English Name: Sweet f
  • Bacopa monnieri

    "Botanical Name: Centella assistica syn. Bacopa monnieri Common Name: Ghorataapre, Brahmi, Brahmma
  • Bassia butyracea

    "Botanical Name: Diploknema butvracea Roxb syn. Bassia butyracea Common Name: Chiuri Butter, Phulwa
  • Berberis aristata

    "Botanical Name: Berberis aristata Common Name: Chutro/ Daruhaldi English Name: Berberry, Opthlami
  • Diosorea deltoidea

    "Botanical Name: Diosorea deltoidea Common Name: Kukurtarul / Vantarul English Name: Bulb Bearing,
  • Elaeocarpus sphaericus

    "Botanical Name: Elaeocarpus sphaericus Common Name: Rudraaksya, Ada, Daanea English Name: Ustrasu

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