About Us

We had a dream that one day we will be able to contribute to Nepalese economy significantly. We had a dream that one day we will be able to take a step towards leading Nepal globally. Nepalb2b.com is an attempt to fulfill our dream. Online B2B marketplace is not a new crop in the world’s cultivation, but it surely is in Nepalese soil. This challenging opportunity and the hope of its possibility nourished our zeal to step into this new avenue.

Nepalb2b.com is a user friendly online B2B marketplace for the medium and small enterprises to showcase themselves and their products and services in domestic market as well as global arena. We envision to provide Nepalese businesses worldwide visibility connecting them to millions of customers from within the country and outside. We offer a platform and tools to the suppliers to promote themselves to millions of buyers from all over the world.

We aim to generate profitable returns for the businesses through high quality business promotion services and solutions that enhances revenues, are cost effective and generate business and employment opportunities in the country.

Our Mission

  • To become pioneer online business directory, and the largest one;
  • To take Nepalese businesses around the globe;
  • To advocate sustainable business ecosystem in Nepal;
  • To become one stop information source of Nepalese business;
  • To become a trust agent and a trusted agent for all buyers and suppliers.


Our Principles

  • PASSION to innovate and create new opportunities for Nepalese businesses
  • DEDICATION in our work and our purpose
  • EXPERTISE in data acquisition, web development and online promotion
  • ZEAL towards continuous learning and self-improving
  • RESPONSIBILITY to provide accurate information
  • AN EYE towards success and THE OTHER towards integrity